The top 10 items that help me move and recover through the prenatal stretch.


my favs for the daily sweat & #momlife run-around

1. lululemon seamless thong

ok seriously...this one matters. i'm pretty particular about my workout panties in general, but especially while pregnant. these are smooth and seamless so you won't even know they're there. they're not maternity, so you can wear them postpartum also.

2. koral lustrous legging

these look like the spanx faux leather leggings but they're made for sweaty workouts. you could totally wear these with cute booties and no one would know they're athletic wear.

3. adidas ultra boost

a good shoe for morning walks and workouts matters. this is the best athletic shoe i've found for both comfort and style. you can keep these laced and just pull them on thanks to the stretchy material, which is helpful when your belly starts getting in the way.

4. blanqi leggings

a supportive everyday leggings when you're an active mom or mom-to-be is everything. i'm an all black everything kinda girl on bottom so i have several of these as basics in my closet. that way, i can pair with whatever top - dressier for video work calls, casual for momlife.

5. maternity belt

this is a lifesaver during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. it really makes a difference to wear a band to support the weight of your growing belly when you're on your feet a lot. i wear mine while i'm getting stuff done around the house.


#selfcare products i can't live without

6. hot/cold therapy balls

my arches get so tight during pregnancy, especially after a workout. i crave these as soon as i kick my shoes off to roll out tension in my feet. i cannot recommend them enough...and/or a sweet husband who is always happy to provide free massages.

7. calm magnesium powder

i mix this into still or sparkling water every night as part of my wind down routine. it relaxes muscles naturally and prepares your body for sleep. pregnancy insomnia is no joke, but this product truly helps.

8. hatch belly oil

i use this religiously morning and night. it smells amazing and really helps to keep skin moisturized when it's being stretched and moved. if my skin feels dry and itchy under high waisted leggings, it's distracting and pretty miserable.

9. moonlight short pajamas

after a day of being hugged into compression-wear & belly bands, nothing feels better than slipping on these soft, lightweight jammies. i'm a big believer in sleepwear that's reserved only for bed and keeping loungewear separate. i really think it impacts the quality of our sleep if we mix the two. i love the black set while pregnant, so if i do go overboard slathering on my oils, it doesn't show.

10. body pillow

an active lifestyle for me begins at 9pm every night. if i don't get my 7 hours minimum, my workouts are less likely to happen. pregnancy aches & pains can rob you of quality sleep, so invest in a full body pillow to keep you in a comfortable position all night. i like that this one is covered in jersey so it's not too hot.

...and if you have/had any pregnancy favorites that i need to know about, send me an email or message me @kristenmariasrd.

Xo, Kristen