3 Easy Steps to Build a Mother's Day Brunch-Themed Board

🍓STEP 1: Gather all of your items to plan how you’ll prep and display them. Grab things like fruit, toast with avocado, smoked salmon and pancakes with real maple syrup. Other ideas would be mini yogurt parfaits in shot glasses, hard boiled eggs or chicken breakfast sausages.

🍓STEP 2: Set items housed in containers on the board first. This will give you a framework to build around.

🍓STEP 3: This is the fun part. Display all of your food items however you wish! Here, we topped cucumber slices with smoked salmon and red onion for something salty and high protein. Our silver dollar pancakes are birchbenderscakes

Xo, Kristen

©2017 by Kristen Marias, RDN/LDN