Not the days when you have help from an assistant, a housekeeper or a nanny. I'm talking about the days when you are really in it, managing all of your worlds singlehandedly. I know that's a lot of us right now and has been for a long time. The bright side of being challenged like that is we get to see how capable we actually are...but it does take some creativity and a fierce commitment.


Don't fight it, just do it. All the great leaders in history claim to have had a disciplined a.m. routine sooo, there's really no argument. *Insert Ben Franklin wisdom here about early risers being healthy, wealthy and wise. Of course, the exception to this is if you work nights. But even then, it's still possible to carve out time for yourself beforehand. For most of us, rising with (or even before) the sun is a chance to capture alone time before the day steals us away.

I set my alarm 1 hour before the kids wake up. The early morning is a perfect time for your wellness routine or anything requiring your undivided attention and focus. Typically, your will power is highest upon waking, so get after the things that are most challenging to you now. For us moms, this is our moment for all the things demanding both hands and/or quiet.

Some ideas:

+ workout

+ meditate

+ read

+ journal

+ plan

+ create

+ prep healthy food for the day

+ take your vitamins

+ do your a.m. skincare

+ tidy up your space


I live to eat. My life and work are food-centric, but when I'm under water, preparing meals in real time is way more challenging and less enticing. This is where fast, effortless food prep is so necessary. Once the kids are up, my attention is divided between them, work and all other to-do's. Once you clock in for the day, it's a lot easier to eat healthily if your food's been preplanned and packed already.

You can meal prep anything, but a favorite strategy of mine is to blend my first meal of the day and pour it into an insulated tumbler. This way it stays cold if I need to bring it to-go or sip on it over time because I get distracted with the kids. Shakes and smoothies are no fuss. They take less than a minute to prepare, don't require 2 hands to eat and can provide you with everything you need energy and nutrition-wise at mealtime. I love adding Orgain plant-based protein to mine. You can use code KMARIAS30 for 30% off your first order here.

A few shakes for you to try:

+ my ginger, peaches & greens smoothie

+ my snickerdoodle superfood shake

+ my thin mint shake


No matter how short, don't let moments to yourself go to waste. Not everything takes an hour of dedicated time. 5-10 min bursts of productivity or self-care throughout the day add up. A 10 min walk to get your eyeballs away from your screen and into the natural light is better than none at all. If a meeting ends early or your baby catches a quick nap, use the time to do what you can for you. Don't overthink it, just check a box.

Ways I microburst while WFH:

+ listen to a podcast while doing something mindless like photo editing or dishes

+ wear hunter in this baby carrier to free up my hands to recipe test or play with harlow

+ write, tackle emails or make calls while hunter naps. she loves sleeping in the snuggle me organic with a little white noise

+ load both babies in the double stroller & go for a walk

Thoughts? Send them my way. You can find me @kristenmariasrd on insta.

Xo, Kristen