Happy, well-slept babies make for happy, well-slept mommies. And a content, rested mommy is more likely to tackle the day however she likes. These are my ride-or-die products that help me stay active & productive even when I'm doing the full-time mom thing.

1. Babybjörn Mesh Mini Carrier

Every mom knows there are times when baby just wants to be held, and they typically choose the moments when you're really trying to get other sh*t done. Wearing your baby is the move to free up your hands and this is truly THE best carrier I've ever used. I cannot say enough good things about it. It's not bulky, it's easy to put on, it's breathable and it's cute. Hunter would live in this thing if I let her and Dad doesn't mind taking one for team sometimes either. We bring it everywhere with us.

2. Copper Pearl Multi-Use Cover

This one is non-negotiable. Add it to you baby registry in multiple colors or buy it for yourself. You will use this thing TO DEATH. It functions mostly as a carseat cover but can also be used as a nursing cover or stroller shade. It keeps strangers away from baby and darkens their surroundings so they can sleep in bright environments. I cannot recommend this product enough because it's the reason we've been able to enjoy so many meals in loud restaurants and on sunny patios with both Harlow and Hunter. If your baby isn't taking a bottle yet, it'll give you privacy while breastfeeding and won't fall off.

3. elys & co. Adjustable Swaddles

Out of all my babies, Hunter loves to be swaddled the most. Joey and I call her "Houdini" because she's expert level at breaking out of her swaddle blankets. It has to be wrapped so perfectly or she will find a way to get an arm free. I never really appreciated the value of a legit swaddle until her. When she's snug, she sleeps all night without a fuss. These are great for travel because they take up no room in your suitcase & the velcro closure will keep them from breaking free in the night and waking up the entire hotel.

4. Rohm Travel Sound Soother

I first discovered this in a Nordstrom bathroom. Another mommy walked in with her baby sleeping peacefully to the sound of this white noise machine. She told me it was how she was able to get her shopping done so I ordered one immediately. This thing has traveled with us everywhere since having Harlow. It drowns out noise wherever you are so baby can sleep. It's chargeable and small so it'll even fit in a carseat if needed.

5. Bibs Pacifiers

None of my girls were ever hooked on pacifiers, thankfully. Sometimes, we do find they're helpful in soothing Hunter to sleep when she needs a little something before dozing off. Early on, they helped hold her off between feedings when she was simply looking for comfort. We keep one in every spot of the house for her - in the stroller, carseat, lounger, bassinet, changing table...just in case she melts down. I use them the most while she's in the stroller so I can get my daily steps in and Harlow can hit the park.

6. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

I added this recently to my boujee baby favs list, but it also deserves a spot here, I've decided. We use this thing for Hunter every single day and did for Harlow as well. We've tried other baby loungers and keep coming back to this one. The babies love it, it's easy to clean and can serve as a safe sleep space. It's worth every penny in my opinion. Hunter loves to play in here underneath her toy arch while I'm working or cleaning up around the house. We've also brought this with us on trips when we don't feel like loading up the travel crib.

If you have basic baby favs that I'm missing here, please send them my way. I've always believed the best recommendations happen between mommies.

Xo, Kristen

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