Never has it been more important for us to manage our little ones’ screen time...and our own

There’s a shadow side and a light side to all things. Our devices can be:

- Distracting

- Draining

- Disruptive to sleep

- Bad for our posture and eyes

- Anxiety inducing

- A thief of joy thru comparison

But they can also be:

+ Connecting

+ Inspiring

+ Amazing accountability tools

+ Educational

+ Creative

+ Playful

Keep our devices positive lights by creating designated screen time and using them only in ways that bring joy to your days.

➕ I love using my phone creatively by shooting and editing photos for wellness content. I love to Facetime friends over wine and use my Peloton app for workouts and guided meditations.

How do you keep screentime light?

Xo, Kristen