Entering a new year feels refreshing. It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect back and set new goals for the future. A new decade feels like an even more powerful moment to regroup. I found myself feeling a sense of pride as I enter this new year, new decade. I look back on the last 10 years as a series of choices made, experiences and connections created. I feel full as those years were rich and varied. I wouldn’t change a single moment, even the ones that challenged me. I have evolved so much and I feel that I’ve maximized my time to the very best of my ability. That is an incredible feeling as I enter into this new chapter of my life. I was inspired by a post I had seen on Instagram and thought it would be a fun exercise to help me level up and create a new tradition with my daughters.

This year, I sat down with my older girls to talk about our visions, dreams and goals for this year. It led to such a fulfilling discussion between us. We found ourselves inspired by each other’s ideas and worked through them to create S.M.A.R.T. goals for 2020. In the past, I have led small groups in corporate settings through a similar strategy to create sustainable resolutions. Once we had our goals written down with all the specs, we created dreamboards to help provide visual inspiration to keep us on track.

The girls and I collected magazines from around the house, scissors, glue sticks and posterboards. I asked the girls to simply cut out images or words that speak to them or align with their goals. Creating these boards together was so meaningful because it helped us create a sense of togetherness. We’re a team, here to support and encourage each other to stay the course this year. Doing it as a team, sharing our visions creates accountability. It also helped us to define our dreams by putting pen to paper. Attaching visuals to our written goals allowed us to flex our creative muscles and will now provide a visual cue everyday.

I hope this encourages you to do the same. Talk about your goals out loud. Be transparent, share and define them. Write them down in a specific, measurable and time-bound way. Finally, create a visual reminder, something that will inspire you daily. Everyday is a chance for a fresh start.

xo, Kristen

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