Joey and I recently jetted off to Los Angeles for a few days just the two of us. LA is a favorite getaway destination of mine for countless reasons, Beverly Hills in particular. We kicked off the first part of my bachelorette weekend in BH, so it's forever nostalgic for me...but I also get to let my foodie freak flag fly every time we go back. I'm completely surrounded by endless healthy options & people who live the kind of wellness-centric lifestyle I love. I find it's one of the easiest places to eat clean and feel amazing while still experiencing new & creative flavors. Without diving into the entire food scene, today I want to feature a few of my favorite coffee shops & cafés in the BH/West Hollywood area.

Urth Caffé: This was 100% the best cup of hot coffee we had over our weekend away. Their signature drink is a Spanish latte with your choice of milk and dark or light roast beans. Joey and I go hard, so we obviously ordered the dark roast Spanish latte with foamed almond milk & no added sweetener. Heaven. Urth's outdoor patio at the West Hollywood location was beautiful and had space heaters for the Californians who thought 65 was cold.

ALFRED COFFEE: I love everything about this place. There are locations all over but my favorite is in an alley next door to a spin studio (totally my scene & very insta-worthy). Alfred is known for their lattes & we arrived just in time to try their seasonal persimmon flavor. Whenever I try something that's made with an added flavor, I always ask for it to be made less sweet. Typically, you can request that the # of pumps of syrup or mix be cut in half. I ordered the iced persimmon latte "half as sweet" with almond milk and it was perfect. Joey doesn't mess around and went right for their large vanilla iced latte with almond milk + an extra shot of espresso. The first morning of our trip, we walked here and picked up at the window and the second, we ordered to our hotel room through Postmates. Indoor dining is shut down in LA at the moment, but we found that most places offer a pickup or delivery option. I said I wouldn't get into food in this post, but it's worth mentioning that Alfred won me over with their breakfast burrito. As of now, it's my all-time favorite, which is saying A LOT...and the avocado crema it comes with?...omg.

CROFT ALLEY: In the afternoons, I typically crave something cold and refreshing to energize me until dinner (unless of course it's 12 degrees and windy in Chicago, which is comin for us soon). My go-tos are generally iced teas, matcha lattes & cold brews. During this pregnancy, I've been more drawn to teas naturally, which is perfect since I've been trying to cut back on caffeine a little. I wrote a post on the benefits of matcha here if you're interested. Croft Alley's iced matcha horchata is honestly one of the most luxurious little afternoon pick-me-ups I've ever had. I loved it so much I came right home and was inspired to create my own version. Matcha and cinnamon are such a beautiful pairing, I don't know why I hadn't thought to create this blend before now. Croft Alley's location is perfectly situated for an afternoon of dragging your man shopping at all the boujee boutiques in Beverly Hills.

Unless COVID gets in our way, we will be back out to the west coast for Christmas and NYE. Message me your fav spots @kristenmariasrd on insta so I can add them to our itinerary!

Xo, Kristen

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