I believe true, sustainable change is created by progressively building one ritual (or habit) onto the next in an enticing way. The healthy, fulfilling lives we want are accessible by dialing in the minutia. In order to help clients create the body & wellness lifestyle that they dream of, together we deploy a number of methodologies to integrate upgraded practices into their days. One of my favorite methods is something you may already be familiar with called Habit Stacking.

The concept is simple: you attach your desired habit to something you already do everyday. For example, if I want to improve my hydration, I can "stack" drinking water onto working at my laptop. Whenever I sit down to write, coach or respond to emails, I can make sure I have a full water bottle beside me. Once that's been implemented and becomes routine, I can take it a step further by placing water next to my alarm clock, coffee maker or in my car. James Clear talks about habit stacking in his book Atomic Habits, a favorite 2020 read of mine. Clear writes,

"Habit Stacking works best when the cue is highly specific

and immediately actionable."

Here are some examples of current habits I've been able to stack into newer, more elevated ones:

brush teeth > oil pull before brushing my teeth

workout > stretch & meditate immediately after unclipping spin shoes

drink coffee > add collagen to coffee to stabilize blood sugar

post to instagram > read & journal before opening any apps

unload dishwasher > listen to a podcast while unloading dishes

take a bath > dry brush while filling up tub

shop online > donate or sell 2 belongings for every new purchase

sit down to eat as a family > share "highs, lows and something we're grateful for" during dinner

eat dessert > steep a nighttime tea with dessert to promote sleep


1. Brainstorm a list of everything you do daily

2. Choose at least 1 new habit to implement now (or on Jan 1 if you must wait;)

3. Attach new habit to something appropriate from your list and commit

I hope this helps as you look ahead to creating healthier habits in the new year. As always, reach out with any questions or for guidance on curating your 2021 plan. You can always email me or message me @kristenmariasrd on instagram.

Xo, Kristen