The very first thing I requested after all 3 of my babies were born was sushi. I honestly can't remember if that's what I got with the older two, but my father-in-law hand delivered me a poké bowl right after Harlow was born and it was heaven. I may need to wait until I get home this time around, (thanks a lot, COVID) but it'll be the first of many DoorDash deliveries. Until I can have the real thing again, I’m finding pregnancy-friendly ways to get my sushi fix. These bowls are the perfect dish for anyone who's freaked out by raw fish or loves an easy meal requiring little to no prep.


WHISK 1/4 cup mayo + 1 tbs sriracha (I’m loving Yellowbird Sauce) + 2 tsp coconut aminos


+ steamed rice (we use cauliflower, brown or jasmine)

+ drained canned wild salmon (I trust Safe Catch)

+ peeled & chopped cucumbers

+ dried & salted seaweed sheets torn into bite size pieces (don’t skip this, it really adds the briney, sushi flavor)

+ avocado (mine wasn’t ripe yet or you would’ve seen it pictured here fasho)

SQUEEZE fresh lemon over the top

DRIZZLE with spicy mayo

TOP with scallions + toasted sesame seeds

I hope this one inspires you to try something new. As always, tag me on insta @kristenmariasrd so I can see your customized bowls at home. Happiest Thursday ;)

Xo, Kristen