The summer before last, Kendall and I traveled to Vegas for a dance convention she’d been invited to. We were out by the pool one afternoon and spotted this older woman cruising across the pool deck with an umbrella drink in hand, wearing a neon one piece that read “MAKE IT FUN.” We still laugh about it to this day because the second we saw her, both Kendall and I instantly went “yaaas.” She was not the fittest or youngest female at the pool by any stretch, but she was definitely having the most fun. I so respect that spirit. Since then, I’ve carried her motto with me, reminding myself to stop taking things so seriously whenever I hit a slump. Mondays can be hard. But we make them harder on ourselves by demonizing them. What if we approached them with a lighter attitude...and matcha?


Make a plan. And please not your average list of brainless, monotonous to-do’s. Make a plan that excites you and aligns with how YOU want to show up. If you dread your 5:30pm bootcamp, consider this your permission slip to cancel it and do something you love instead. Obviously, we all have obligations we can’t replace - work, kids, finances etc. But those shouldn’t be the only things we devote our attention to. Reserve your best energy for the things that light you up, even on a Monday. The Sunday Scaries are only a thing for people that live for the weekend and the weekend alone. Mondays are just as much your life as Friday nights, so plug things into your plans that make you come alive. For most of us, those things are a little more micro right now, and that’s actually a good thing. We’re all being forced to narrow our gaze and appreciate what we have. On Monday mornings, I look forward to my heavenly little ritual before the kids wake up. I workout, meditate, read & journal for an hour in peace. It brings me so much clarity & energy, I actually fall asleep on Sunday nights excited for the week ahead. Make time for things that help settle you into the most authentic, alive version of yourself.


I know, I know. Everyone and their mother is talking about gratitude lately. Everyone and their mother isn’t wrong, though. Begin your Monday with 3 things you’re grateful for, and every morning thereafter. I find it’s better if I get really small and specific. Rather than “my family” or “my health,” try something like “seeing Harlow smile yesterday sledding with her big sisters” or “a good night’s sleep, allowing me to feel strong during this morning’s workout.” I really believe gratitude helps bring us into a state of awareness and appreciation for the details of our days. Then, as you’re mapping out your Monday, try to look at what you have to do as something you GET TO DO. Even if today is the day you pay bills, like me, try to see the task as a privilege and something you own and choose for your itinerary. At the very least, it will be a box that feels good to check off.


I talk about this practice all the time when it comes to integrating new healthy habits. The same philosophy will help you elevate your general Monday flow. Infuse your weekdays with the luxuries you treat yourself to on the weekends and you’ll reframe your perspective entirely. Pair your mundane Monday tasks with little things that bring you joy and energy like productivity playlists, scented candles and cozy lattes. I plan to do all 3 this afternoon while I pay bills. Suddenly, what would otherwise be a boring, mindless to-do is now something I look forward to. My Cinnamon Collagen Matcha Latte provides steady energy, helping me cruise through the afternoon without a crash.



  • 1 packet Pique Sun Goddess Matcha

  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

  • 2 scoops collagen (I use Vital Proteins)

  • 2 tsp mct oil

  • 2 tsp real maple syrup

  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon


WHISK all ingredients in a saucepan over low heat until warmed thru, making sure all lumps disappear

POUR into a mug

TOP with extra foamed almond milk or dairy-free creamer if desired

SPRINKLE with extra cinnamon

You can order your own Pique Tea Crystals here.

My code KMARIAS will get you a discount on your first order.

Wishing you a productive and energizing Monday. MAKE IT FUN.

Xo, Kristen