Last week, I talked about how my daughters and I created our Dreamboards for 2020. We’ve since placed them in prominent spots in the house for daily visual inspo. The words and images that coincide with our dreams, visions and goals for the year are there, reminding us to stay the course. Now it’s time to take action. I’ve been reading a book by Chase Jarvis on finding your creativity and cultivating it through daily practices. One of the ways he recommends that we do this is by carving out time for ourselves, and for our creativity, preferably first thing in the morning.

Last year, one of my personal goals was to “rise before the kids” allowing me to create a daily reading ritual. It took a few weeks before it became a habit, but since I’ve also been able to include journaling as well. In simply lighting a candle (my forever favorite scent is this one from Nest) and spending those precious first moments of the day writing out things I'm grateful for, my intentions for the day and learning something new, my life has been completely transformed. Seriously. There is something quite magical about the early morning. Rising before the sun to care for me first gives me the energy that I need to tackle whatever the day (and kids) bring. I find that I am more mindful, peaceful and happy knowing that I’ve already put my oxygen mask on first.

Without diving too much into a nighttime routine, I want to emphasize the importance of the “early to bed early to rise…” concept. The mornings do truly begin the night before. I encourage you to inch your bedtime back 15-30min earlier to allow for an earlier wakeup. I aim for lights out by 9, which doesn’t always happen, but it is my daily intention. I set a reminder in my phone through the Calm app (a favorite for sure) which alerts me when bedtime is approaching.

Those resolutions, visions and goals for the year will be so much more attainable when you’re rested and have a few moments at the beginning of the day to yourself. That time can be spent in the quiet simply breathing or doing a guided meditation. I personally love the ones on my Calm and Peloton apps. You could also spend those moments reading, stretching, journaling, envisioning your day or just enjoying the calm before the storm, so to speak. Find what feels right for you and try it tonight/tomorrow morning. You’ll infuse your day with so much good once you’ve soaked up that morning magic.

xo, Kristen

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