Shopping healthfully has honestly never been more effortless or affordable. Thrive is one of the ways I keep our pantry stocked without having to make countless grocery store runs (not something I'm interested in at the moment with a 16 month old during COVID).

At home we have a simple system to make sure everyone has what they need for the week. We use our kitchen whiteboard to jot down anything that we're running low on. The girls can add their requests for breakfast and lunch items or dance snacks and I place our order once weekly. We love to try a few new products each week, but overall our list is pretty consistent now that we've discovered our favs. I've broken down some of my ride-or-die products by meal type to give you an idea of how I pair things together with a few fresh items at home. The rest of my pantry basics are listed by category to keep things simple. I'll continue to add to the list as our favorites expand, but for now...


yogurt parfait

protein pancakes

collagen coffee

berry walnut oatmeal


noodles & red sauce (as my girls call it)

mac & cheese with peas

  • Annie's Mac & Cheese (add Kerrygold grass-fed butter, a splash of almond milk, frozen green peas + cracked black pepper)

soup & crackers

beans & rice

tuna salad




  • Coconut Aminos (I use this often in asian dishes as a soy sauce alternative)

  • Bragg Liquid Aminos (same as above but it has a much closer flavor profile to real soy sauce, the coconut aminos are sweeter)

  • Tessemae's Ranch (we dip sweet potato tots and veggies in this, dress our salads with it and drizzle it over basically anything)

  • Tessemae's Mild Buffalo Sauce (I toss this with shredded chicken and stuff into a baked sweet potato)

  • Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing (we use this on butter lettuce or as a marinade for chicken)

  • Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing

  • Primal Kitchen Organic Ketchup (I love this one because it's unsweetened but has great, comparable taste to regular ketchup)

  • Sir Kensington's Spicy Mustard (honestly, this is the best mustard I've ever tasted. I use it in my deviled eggs, on sandwiches and wraps or for dipping with chicken sausage bites)


I'd love to hear what products you're loving from Thrive so I can add them to my next order! Email or message me your favs @kristenmariasrd

Xo, Kristen