We could easily do without them, but wouldn't want to. These are the newborn things Joey and I agree are worth every penny.

1. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

Yes, you can certainly measure water, scoop formula and warm a bottle on your own. This product does it all for you in a few seconds, though, which is pretty invaluable when you have your hands full or are completely sleep deprived.

2. Lovevery Play Gym + Toy Subscription

We purchased this play gym when Harlow was a baby and used it every single day with her along with the monthly developmental toys that came by subscription. The gym will function as a play mat for you during the newborn phase with high contrast features for baby to look at and kick/grab. The monthly toys are completely amazing and are still some of Harlow's favorites to play with. I tell every new mom about this company because it is 100% worth the cost. You will keep the toys forever and they're not a total eyesore (something I care a lot about).

3. Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

This is an investment for sure, but sleep is the most important thing right now. We were fortunate to have this gifted to us and have loved it for both Harlow and Hunter. We have only used it at night and in combination with other sleep options so that our babies didn't become completely dependent on the Snoo. When you need to soothe your baby on those nights when you are dying for a break from rocking them to sleep, this bassinet is incredible. I love that it keeps them safely in place all night and will alert you through the app if your baby is upset.

4. Hiccapop Wipes Warmer

This one is self explanatory. Hunter does not appreciate cold wipes during dreamy nighttime changes.

5. Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Anything that gives you the option to be handsfree is worthwhile in my opinion. I love the app that connects to this pump so that I know how much I'm producing during each session.

6. Bloom Coco Go 3-in-1 Bouncer

It vibrates, rocks and collapses for easy travel. We also ordered the newborn insert to make Hunter more snug in here. It's a nice option when your baby prefers a more upright position. I love the neutral colors of this one.

7. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

A place to put your baby when you're doing all the things is so necessary. Yes, that can obviously be a blanket, but both of my girls have loved this thing because it's slightly angled, comfortable and has cozy bumpers on either side that hug them in. I love how easy to clean it is and that it can double as a safe sleep space for Hunter no matter where we are. It's also aesthetically pleasing so there's that;)

8. Beis Tote Insert

Ok so we also have a diaper bag that we use when dropping Hunter off with sitters, but this insert is for me. I got tired of carrying both a purse and a diaper bag, so I bought this to marry the two together. I slid this into my bag for all the baby things, leaving my usual purse pockets reserved for my own personal things. Win win. You'll have to measure to ensure that this insert will fit in your everyday purse because it's pretty sizable. I love that it comes with a cooler compartment for bottles and wipes clean.

9. Nest Security Camera

So Joey and I can creep our babies anytime we want from our phones. There are other options out there, but this is the one we've been using since Harlow came home from the hospital.

10. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller System

Ok first of all, it's beautiful. I have a slight stroller obsession and this system in white does it for me. In terms of function, it grows with your baby from bassinet through the toddler years and convert to a double. I couldn't recommend it more.

11. Hatch Restore Smart Sleep Assistant

Ok this one is kinda more for me than Hunter. There is a Hatch device designed specifically for babies which we also adore and use every night in Harlow's room. The Restore was a new purchase for our room since Hunter is in the bassinet near us for a little while. This device functions as a nightlight, sound soother and alarm clock. I love that it offers gentle sunlight and nature sounds for your wakeup so it doesn't disturb homegirl. It even does guided meditations to help you fall asleep and is completely customizable through the app, so you can adjust the settings if you're away from your room. I'm obsessed with this thing.

Lemme know your thoughts if you purchase any of these products and share your favs with me too @kristenmariasrd on insta.

Xo, Kristen