I launched into this year with a goal to read at least 1 book per month and in the month of January, I devoured two. It's funny how that works, right? We set out to conquer a very actionable, realistic ambition and find that we are more capable than we imagined.


This past weekend, we listened to a message in church about being intentional with what we "worship" - or where we place "worth." We all worship something. We expend our most valuable resources (time and energy) on things like sports, travel, kids, food, fitness, social media, work... The message challenged me to become more conscious of where I direct my time and energy. Being a lifelong learner is an area of my life where I place a lot of value. This is something I plan to continue to pour my time and energy into because it simply brings me joy and elevates my life. Establishing a daily reading routine was something that took root over time. With consistency and the right content, I've now settled comfortably into #bookwormlife.

Ladies, get in formation.

In addition to developing my personal routine (for more on this, check out my morning magic post), I also assembled an all-female book club - my first ever! I've participated in book clubs with fellow Dietitians and friends in the past, but this is the first I've hosted. Not only have our monthly meet-ups given a deadline to my current reads, but it has also created a community around me. I now have accountability partners and I'm engaged with other women who are consuming the same content I am. We can challenge and inspire each other to think beyond the confines of our own minds, and most importantly, we can add depth to our relationships by connecting on an intellectual level.

Cultivating creativity and an "everything is figureoutable" attitude

The two books I dove into this past month served up takeaways that I will never forget. Both of these texts delivered insight, inspiration and actionable direction for me. Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis was an absolute game changer for reigniting my artistic expression. I 1000% recommend this for ANYONE, not just those who define themselves as "Creatives." The text we chose for our January book club read was Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. It came at a beautiful moment in time, laying the perfect foundation for this new decade. Marie challenges reader to adopt the idea that everything in life, especially your aspirations, can be figured out.

I hope this inspires you to stay the course with your 2020 goals. I encourage you to develop a routine that works for you, adjust your "worship" as needed and connect with others for accountability. I also hope you'll pick up both of these books if you're looking to develop a creative practice and figure some sh!t out this year!

Xo, Kristen

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