Being wellness-centered while traveling is something I could go on about for dayyys, but I won’t. I promise to dive deeper into the topics nestled under that overarching theme in future posts. For now, I want to touch on packing thoughtfully to help you be more present and less weighed down during your travels.


This weekend, Kendall and I are hitting the road for her first dance competition of the season. This type of getaway demands that she and I be expert-level in our packing to allow her to take the stage with all of the accessories, glitter and texture spray needed to go “full out” (dancers/dance moms, I’m winking at you). That being said, my attention is mostly devoted to keeping her items organized and well-managed…but what about mine? I have a few dance seasons under my belt now, which has pushed me to develop a system that makes things simple and fun no matter the destination.

Girl, just get on the packing cube train already

Believe it or not, I was first introduced to this concept in Giada De Laurentiis’ cookbook, Feel Good Food. She described how wellness is infused throughout her entire life, so naturally travel was covered as it comprises so much of her life. She talked about managing stress during her frequent trips by packing outfits individually in advance. Her method was to pack and label each outfit with accessories included in individual Ziploc bags. In doing this, she was able to leave unnecessary items behind and eliminate the task of choosing an outfit while on the road.

Nowadays it’s pretty commonplace to see these packing cubes and similar travel accessories floating around. Honestly, I’m here for it. It’s an elevated version of Giada’s concept and it’s been a gamechanger for me.

Leave the baggage behind

Truly what these cubes force me to do is thoughtfully plan my outfits in advance, thereby lightening my load. I piece together my looks for every event/purpose – workouts, brunch, jammies, dinner, travel home outfit etc. Then I pack them into cubes individually or in categories, such as all workout clothes together. I label each cube with the day I plan to wear them and that’s it! Now I can just focus on the purpose of the trip whether it be to adventure with my girlfriends or play stagemom.

I hope this inspires you to pack for your next trip with a little more thought. Feeling lighter and more present is worth way more than airline baggage fees.

xo, Kristen

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