Life with a newborn is a wildly different experience for everyone, but I do believe there is a common thread connecting all moms. In the first few months, our lives shrink down and become almost entirely devoted to doing everything we can for our tiny, helpless humans. We drum up the energy to nourish, nurture and nest on little to no sleep (while often recovering from childbirth). We’re unbelievable! And yet, somehow we convince ourselves that we could be doing more. We feel inadequate. There is always something undone around the house, we beat ourselves up over the state of our bodies if we've just delivered...AND we doubt our mothering practices.

As I felt myself falling victim to those feelings, I was reminded how quickly the time passes (having been through this temporary season with my older 2 girls). I also reminded myself that life isn’t waiting on the other side of the newborn phase. It was happening in the present moment. I could have allowed myself to feel disconnected from work and my usual routine. I could have become consumed by the frustration that built up in me when I wouldn’t get through my ENTIRE to-do list. I could’ve been bitter and resentful when I would be forced to adjust plans based on the baby’s ever-changing schedule. Being someone who likes to do it all, all of the time, it was easy for me to feel like I was failing. Everyday.

What. A. Waste.


I had to revisit and refine the practice I learned on my yoga teacher surrender and will the body and mind simultaneously. I relearned to free myself from the things I cannot change and to fully show up wherever I can. I chose to surrender to everything outside of my shrunken world and turned my attention to the things within my control. I took a deep dive into the heart of who I am and what makes me come alive. I owned what I found there and realized what matters most to me should provide the framework for my days. From there, I built habits to support that structure and an amazing thing happened. With more intention and a narrower focus, I became happier and more present. I appreciated the littlest luxuries, elevated every experience and brought a better self to every moment.

I believe wholeheartedly that every one of us can do MOST of what we want even within these unique confines. This universal circumstance is nothing more than a challenge for us to dig deep and to devote greater attention to the meaningful minutia in our lives. We can choose to feel “stuck” right now or we can choose to feel “safe,” steadfast on our paths and commit to fully show up where we are.

With intention and creativity, let's build out our days at home to support who we really are and what matters most. Life isn't on the other side of all this. It's now.

Xo, Kristen