The skincare and body products that elevate my morning sweat, shower & sunless tan routine.

I'm convinced new workout gear can motivate you to move, so I've always encouraged clients to treat themselves whenever possible. The same philosophy applies to quality products for making everyday rituals more inviting and sustainable. These morning skincare favs would make amazing stocking stuffers for any girl, but especially the early-riser moms on your list. The littlest luxuries can infuse so much joy into our everyday, ordinary routines.


There are two products that help me wake up feeling refreshed and ready to move in the early morning. This facial spray is really inexpensive but smells so luxurious, like the lobby of a high-end spa. There are endless facial mists out there, but this is a really affordable option I keep coming back to because of the scent. I spritz my face with it and instantly feel energized. Then, I make my way to the kitchen and pull these rose gold eye masks out of the fridge. They don't need to be refrigerated, but they feel ridiculously amazing chilled. I wear them as I shake up my collagen water, throw on my gear and do a few dynamic stretches before my workout.


Dry brushing wasn't something I was able to get into initially, but now I crave it. I dry brush my entire body (towards the heart) while the water heats up. It's said to increase circulation, lymphatic flow and preps the skin for product. This step is especially helpful if you're planning to sunless tan. In the morning, I love scents like citrus, eucalyptus or peppermint. This facial cleanser and body wash are both so bright and energizing with orange and lemon fragrances. I really believe in creating sensory experiences you love and look forward to within your everyday rituals.


In the winter, I feel so much healthier with a tan. There's just something about a little glow that changes everything. If you know, you know. A few times a week, I like to slather on a sunless tanner and lately I've been loving this one for body and this one for face. I mix 1 pump of the facial tanner with my moisturizer after applying this vitamin c serum and dabbing on my eye cream. This lip mask is meant for sleep but I wear it during the day as well, especially in the winter. By now, I'm fully awake, feeling hydrated and ready to take on in hand.

I hope these recs make their way into your morning regimen (or into someone's you love). I know I truly look forward to mine. If you have ride-or-die products that help elevate your everyday, please share. Email me or message me on instagram @kristenmariasrd.

Xo, Kristen